Omar Delgado attended his first STN convention in Orlando FL, back in 2014 and he hasn't missed one since. CCNN Live came in 3rd place for the Sweet 16-morning show contest that year. Mr. Delgado immediately fell in love with the organization.  He found a way to motivate members of CCNN Live to become better journalists.  He started to introduce the ideas he learned at that convention into the classroom.  Suddenly, his students were not trying to get an A in the class, they were trying to be the best in the nation at their respective assignments. Others around the state have taken notice and have had him teach a seminar at FSPA (Florida Scholastic Press Association). The seminars are mainly to spread what Mr. Delgado has learned through STN and how others can become better teachers using these techniques. This is a huge honor for him since his background wasn’t originally in TV production. He started off as a history teacher and was offered to teach TV production because the former teacher had retired. He also started the Media Excellence Awards, an Emmy award-like ceremony that honors local professionals.  His students nominate professionals that inspired them and many high schools vote on the different categories. It's a great way for his students and other students to network with industry professionals while they are still in high school. His students also excel when they leave CCNN Live. NATAS has awarded his students three times with national scholarships.  Philip Bootsma & Victor Prieto were awarded The Jim McKay Memorial Scholarship in 2016 and 2017. This is awarded to a student that is pursuing a career in sports television. Christopher Ahrendt was awarded the Randy Falco Scholarship in 2018. This is awarded to a Hispanic or Latino student who is pursuing a career in any aspect of the television industry. That is over $30,000 in scholarships in just 4 years. These are just some of the major scholarships Mr. Delgado tirelessly gains for his students. Mr. Delgado also helps CCNN raise over $65,000 every year to update equipment, pay for contests, and cover the STN trip costs for those members who have made the national team.  Mr. Delgado was named Teacher of the year at Christopher Columbus High School in 2013 for unique, hands-on teaching methods. Three of his students have been named Broadcast Journalist of the Year by the Florida Scholastic Danyel DeVilliers in 2017, Steven Lee in 2019, and Christopher Gomez 2021.