Columbus Bowler Fights through Adversity

Updated: Jan 3

For bowler Giancarlo Perez, making it to states was everything he’s ever worked toward, but the path to this accomplishment has been nothing short of rocky.

Giancarlo is no average Columbus student. From working two jobs and growing up without a father, Giancarlo had no easy upbringing. “During the point where my parents were arguing, I would always ask my mom or my dad to take me bowling so that I could clear my mind,” said Giancarlo Perez.

But then one day, Giancarlo’s life changed forever when his father left his life.

“It generated a lot of problems because he was used to having him there everyday and all of sudden, he was never there again. So that’s why I feel his confidence and self-esteem took a big hit, but since then he’s been able to overcome that,” said Cary Llerena, Giancarlo’s mother.

But as Giancarlo made his transition into Columbus, he knew he could find his new home.

“Scholer has been a fantastic coach, but he’s also become a father figure to me,” said Giancarlo. As Giancarlo has progressed throughout his four years at Columbus, he’s formed a special bond with Coach Adam Scholer.

“It means a lot that he would think of me that way. I’ve seen him go through so much and for him to think of me that way, really means a lot,” said Adam Scholer, Giancarlo’s Coach.

And some of the hardships that Giancarlo has had to face throughout his high school career is having to maintain two jobs.

Giancarlo works both at Arbetter’s Hot Dogs and at Mike’s Pro Shop at Bird Bowl. Giancarlo says, “I actually like having two jobs because it teaches me how to be careful with my money. Also, I almost never have to ask my mom for any money.”

“One thing I find incredible about Giancarlo is the fact that he has so much going on, but you can barely tell,” said Antonio Varona, Giancarlo’s teammate, “It’s incredible he’s able to lead this team.”

With contributions by Lukas Guerra, Julian Corrales, Alexander Someillan

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