Lifting Towards Success

Updated: Jan 3

Ernie Perabeles is a senior in high school is now feeling the best he has ever felt due to his new found passion, but it wasn’t always like this. As a freshman, Ernie struggled with his physical appearance, he started as a golfer and he put a lot of time and dedication into it. He described golf as his real passion when he was younger, saying that he would visit the golf course almost every day that he could.

After this, Ernie saw himself and wasn’t confident with the way he looked. Ernie then stated, “My friend introduced me to powerlifting”, and this introduction started a new passion for Ernie as this would be his outlet for his body transformation. Ernie, since the beginning of senior year has been improving at powerlifting and it has taken over the spot that golf used to have. With powerlifting Ernie has worked for the body he always wanted and a new found passion that will hopefully stay with him for a long time. 

Ernie’s mother along with him has found his transition to be beneficial. She stated that it is like an adrenaline that goes through him everyday, and how it’s a great habit he has begun. So with all of this family support and his own motivation, Ernie’s new path with powerlifting will continue to grow and strengthen, one plate at a time. 

Contributions from Gianmarco Maestri and Richard Joseph

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